The Dreaded Mock Week

Actually, it’s two weeks but who’s counting.

It started yesterday morning with a science exam. Following this, the students arrived to their maths lessons where I had prepared slides telling them the topics that would be on paper 1 (they sat it today). I was shocked by how few of them actually took note of the advice that we were offering. Bemused, I spoke to two of the students in my set 2, “I don’t understand how I can make it any easier for you; I am telling you what topics to revise for tomorrow” to which they replied, “You could just give us the answers miss!” Now I know that we all have our cheeky students and we shouldn’t compare year groups but thinking back to last year, my group would have had all the books out and asking me, and each other, all of the questions that they could think of. Is anyone else facing total apathy this year? I just don’t know how to overcome it; I try to be encouraging, be positive, relate topics to their interests but the best way that I can put it is that they simply do not care. I am not for one minute trying to tar all of our year 11 students with the same brush but I can assure you that it is only a small minority who are willing to actually go out of their way in order to succeed. How do you overcome the lack of willing, the lack of independence?? (Answers on a postcard or in the comments at the bottom)

Anyway, after speaking to a few after the first paper this evening, all agreed that it was horrible. We gave them the Pixl Curve paper from last June as our school has just bought into this. To me, it looked a lot less complicated than the Edexcel papers that have been released but still much harder than last year. Did anyone of you do this last year? I would love to hear how your students got on and what you did after them.


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