Summer Holidays: Do They Really Exist?

We are now into the second week of the summer holidays where teachers get to sit back and relax for a whole six weeks. Like that really happens!

Last week, my OH (he is a teacher too) and I took a break in Amsterdam which was awesome. We had a fantastic time and it is a great city that I would recommend to anyone. This week, so far, I have been on the hunt for wedding dresses (still haven’t found one) but I will be working again this evening. I managed a whole 11 days before getting back to it and I am sure that many of you will have already been working this ‘holiday’.

The plan for tonight is creating the numeracy resources for KS4 form time. I would like to thank @CorbettMaths as I have gone with the 5-a-day idea, differentiated so that all students in a form can access at least some part of the task. The difficulty that we are having is that some staff will not be able to access the questions, even at the foundation end these days. This makes it difficult to be useful to all students. We don’t want them to be having a problem and their form tutor not being able to help them but think the we are going to have to just see how it goes. I have, of course, included the answers on the slide.

What do your KS4 students do in form, if anything? I would love to hear other suggestions.


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