GCSE Maths: Done!

And relax!! Well a little bit anyway. Personally, I still have 5 maths exams to go (2 GCSE Further Maths, Core 3, Core 4 and Decision 1) but the biggie is out of the way.

I have never seen so many students leave an exam hall with a smile on their face as I have today. They came out beaming apart from the ones who haven’t worked very hard and I was so pleased. They rushed to me to tell me the questions and the answers that they had got, the relief after the first paper and the pure joy at seeing a stem-and-leaf as the first question. Obviously, I was thrilled until the dread of grade boundaries sets in. “They all found it easy so it must be a high grade boundary. Do we think C will be higher than 65 for the first time?” Then we sat and realised that there is nothing we can do about that so there is no point worrying about it – it doesn’t stop the worrying though!

My HoD and I went to speak to our Principal and VP, discussing the paper and our thoughts on 3LoP, etc. We realised, hand on heart, we honestly couldn’t have done anymore for the kids and the majority of them have given us everything over the past couple of weeks. They have been an absolute credit to the school and we just hope that all of the hard work pays off. We have worked them hard in lessons, made them stay on Wednesday evenings, bribed them into Saturday and holiday schools (McDonald’s works wonders) and they have done it all without a fuss. So many of them came up to us thanking us today and that is appreciated more than they will ever know. Teachers up and down the country have worked tirelessly preparing students for their exams and now all that we can do is sit and wait.

For me, it is on to A level and Further Maths but I have definitely earned that glass of wine that I am going to have tonight. Cheers!




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