Exam Stress: It’s Not Just The Kids

I haven’t written on here for a while as I have simply been too busy; teaching 3 exam groups takes its toll (year 11, 12 and 13).

I am starting to get really nervous. My 11s sit first and we are nearly in single figures. I teach top set and have had most of them since I started the school last January. They have worked so hard and together, we have come so far. One student was getting U’s when I started and yesterday, he got his third A in a row. Proud is an understatement but I just hope that they can show it in the 3.5 hours that it matters.

They will also be in on Saturday again as they are so determined to succeed and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank some people whose resources I have used repeatedly. JustMaths has provided our homework all year along with ‘more interesting’ revision resources such as the fabulous Connect 4, Whodunnit?, etc. AccessMaths has also been an invaluable resource along with Miss B’s resources and Corbett maths 5 a day. Thank you so much for providing us all with these excellent resources and I just wanted you to know how grateful fellow teachers are that you find the time to create these and put them in the public domain!

Good luck to everyone’s exam students!!


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