Teacher shortage: Is TV to blame?

Decisions decisions…tonight at 9pm I could watch ITV and a programme about private v state or I could turn over to C4 and watch the latest edition of Educating; this time they’ve chosen Cardiff. 

Three years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to watch a programme about my job but we have had many instalments since and I can’t help that think it is putting people off. 

Conversations that I have have changed dramatically since these programmes aired and more and more people are asking, “how on earth do you do your job?” Don’t get me wrong, I was asked this before but with more people getting a greater insight into schools, it is now asked more frequently.

Watching them myself, I sometimes question my job as I would be put off but I know different. Yes, we all have rubbish days/weeks but they are outweighed by the good times. Those small moments where a student suddenly ‘gets it’ or a little thank you from the unexpected pupil. I know that all of the teachers on the shows also say the same as me but it is hard to listen to when you see the fights or the lack of respect that we can face everyday.

Why would you want to go into a job where you face so much pressure, have to put up with so much, face teenage emotions on a daily basis, etc? We all do it because we love it but would we have made the same decisions if we would have seen these programmes before we trained?


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